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Judging from my repeats of certain wineries, you can see I don’t have nearly the network or name recognition of Isaac Baker. But I do enjoy flexing my wine reviewing muscles on occasion, when new books and films are in short supply, and producers are kind enough to reach out with samples.

In theGroundhog DayCOVID-19家居生活的日子里,我也一直在思考日常的经验。Instagram的不是现实,我通常遇到在日常生活的过程中,这些葡萄酒。图片我交给这些葡萄酒的玻璃对我的妻子,因为她的到来,从楼下把我们的7个月大的睡觉,问她,“你觉得这是什么德?”在另一方面,从亨利·詹姆斯,作者采取了网页我读过不少,我相信有被发现值得写在普通,平凡,日常的东西。

Anabasent me their Spring releases recently, and here’s how I experienced them.

Anaba2019 Rose of Grenache, Sonoma County(SRP $ 30)


The first thing you’ll notice is this wine is far more orange than pink. It has a fresh, chalky nose, like wet stone after a summer shower. For some reason it brings me back to the North Fork of Long Island in summer, looking out over the water toward Connecticut. It hits me with bright acidity and the muddled chalkiness of freeze dried strawberries. My wife thought it was a bit too “alcoholy” at first, but after letting it breathe she said it got better. After an hour, in fact, it began to hit our noses with ripe peach and those candy peach rings!


Anaba 2017年黑比诺,索诺玛海岸(SRP $ 48)



The taste and mouthfeel were a letdown for me. The wine seemed to wash over my tongue and quickly disappear, without much in the way of discernible flavor. I expected more acidity too. I found it a bit thin, flat maybe, and lacking in that “calling me back for more” quality.


Anaba 2017年霞多丽,卡内罗斯ĴMCK村葡萄园(SRP $ 46)



Returning to my wine an hour later, I enjoyed its slightly creamy mouthfeel, but would have liked a touch more acidity and staying power. Still, it had just enough of both to beckon me for another sip on this 92-degree day.

Experiencing Anaba Wines

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狗日的COVID-19的住房就地,有什么更好的时间来赶上一堆样品?金宝博电子游戏有什么更好的时间来反思purposeof this exercise we call wine reviewing. I mean, why do it at all?

I tend to agree with the author ofa recent Wine Searcher postthat “酒审查其实更多的是关于娱乐比效用“。这是关于讲故事。故事是什么吸引着我们,并搅拌我们的想象力(以及我们的购买骨头,对于这个问题)。这也是关于简洁,因为的注意力正在减少。

考虑到这一点,这就是我所想到的Fall 2019从索诺玛的版本AnabaWines

Anaba2018 Turbine White, Sonoma Valley(SRP $ 32)

It’s a gray day and the news is grayer. My college buddies are blowing up my phone about a happy hour on an app calledHouseparty。So I grab the Anaba Turbine White—a curious blend of 30% Viognier, 28% Grenache Blanc, 26%, and 16% Picpoul—and log on. It’s like we’re right back in State College, playing dumb drinking games out of boredom, like猜多少死臭蝽是在灯那边。Over or under twenty? Loser chugs a beer.

进一步对葡萄酒本身带我回来,中期dle school and the jellied, crystallized-sugar-covered grapefruit candy I used to sneak from the candy bins at the mall. There’s a hint of creaminess, although no ML on this one. I get apple juice too—another throwback to childhood. Juicy is the best descriptor for this white.

不像我的朋友,我决定停止在半瓶。第二天,下的Vacu Vin的冰箱里过夜后,酒闻起来板岩地板和新鲜的白色花朵的,味道像新鲜的薄荷。

Anaba2016 Syrah, Moon Mountain District, Bismark Vineyard(SRP $ 48)


We’ve discovered that Disney+ is pretty sweet. Throwbacks like约翰尼海啸and边缘!这些天点亮我们的屏幕。在最近的一个晚上we watched亲爱的,我们缩小了我们自己(whatever happened to Rick Moranis?) and popped this Anaba 2016 Syrah. As we learned in the NICU, screens aren’t good for children under two, so our three-month-old sat contently with his back to the TV, watching us and speaking Dutch. I’m pretty sure it was Dutch—a future polyglot.

My first impression on popping is o小时,那是漆黑的,美味。有人谁的斗争,以打入香气的二级和三级层,我觉得这是一个相当包容。还有黑莓,李子水果皮,酸奶油,皮革钱包,和土壤的提示。它留下的单宁的脱衣舞了我的舌头的中心,但不留连。更多的一个真正的多面的葡萄酒在你的鼻孔欣赏比你的味觉。

Anaba 2016黑皮诺,索诺玛海岸,华兰生(SRP $60)

Malaise is setting in. With many more weeks (at least) of shelter-in-place looming large, I’m starting to miss the old, normal routine. Although I am thankful I have space to move around and can’t imagine being stuck in a small New York City apartment, or one of those cage homes in China (have you read about these?!)。

Tonight, my friend delivered something he and his wife call “taco bake” as part of a meal train that was set up for my wife and me. He also dropped off some tomato plants, which were much appreciated. A casserole dish filled with gooey cheddar and ground beef isn’t the most delicate pairing for a Pinot Noir, but heck, we’re living in a new normal, right?

The Anaba 2016 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast is strawberry colored. It’s fresh and tart—even bordering on too tart—like a strawberry rhubarb pie. Basically, think strawberries, and if you like them, you’ll like this bottle. I catch some aromas of lavender tea, which I initially thought were moth balls, which I love because it reminds me of my grandmother’s linen closet. It’s easy drinking, not overly complex, and maybe a bit young still.

It goes okay with taco bake, too.


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Wine Girl维多利亚詹姆斯已经采取黑光灯,以SOMM生活的床单。坚韧不拔,抓住一个令人难以置信的弹性和才女锻造自己的道路非常多,尽管环境的自传,它的到来在正确的文化时刻。詹姆斯毫不留情,一语道破了她一生的创伤,包括性侵犯的事件,以及在提供一本书可怕的(在其道理)和激励一次性成功。

James, whose claim to fame is being America’s youngest sommelier, takes us through her story from childhood to her late twenties (she’s 29 now, if my math is correct). Her home life was turbulent: her father manipulating and controlling everyone and her mother too depressed to be a mother. At a point, James was forced to step up and play parent to her two siblings, whom it’s evident she treasures. But eventually, she needed an escape and, at 13, she took a job as a waiter.

The most chilling, hard-to-read moment comes when James shares how she was raped, at 15, by a customer who frequented the diner where she worked. There’s no shying away from anything inWine Girl

While she didn’t find a safe haven in the restaurant industry, James did find purpose, a sense of belonging, and some coworker-mentors to learn from along the way.


Just like so many books that deglamorize the winemaker’s life,Wine Girlexposes the realities of being a sommelier. What I didn’t expect, and what will take most readers aback, is the level of abuse James has endured in her young career. And she talks about it so nonchalantly, as if numb after years of just gutting things out. Some of the stories struck me as particularly egregious, even criminal. Like the time she was tricked into drinking roofied wine by a table of rowdy cowboys, or when a notable master somm (she doesn’t say who) slaps her backside at an event.Wine Girl有时感觉就像男人像个孩子和滥用权力的位置无尽的序列。怪的大部分份额,在我看来,落在谁视而不见詹姆斯的困境经理和同事。

Wine Girlis a reminder that there’s brokenness everywhere—making James’s perseverance stand out as that much more incredible. She never let bitterness consume her. She was cracked by the cruelty and selfishness of so many, but never shattered. And in the end, she finds forgiveness and hope for redemption.

My recommendation
我怀疑很多人会做了一本书叫Wine Girl他们的第一选择。这是一个耻辱,因为男人,尤其是男性的食品和葡萄酒行业,需要听到詹姆斯的故事。在大开眼界的顶部,“哇,我从来不知道”方面,这只是一个良好的,注意保管读女性也是如此,当然。

Book Review: Volcanoes and Wine: From Pompeii to Napa, by Charles Frankel

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“为什么会出现火山和葡萄酒之间的这种神奇的联盟?”地质学家查尔斯·弗兰克尔去寻找答案中Volcanoes and Wine,融合历史,地质和葡萄种植在一些地球上最好奇的葡萄种植区域设置的照明之旅。





Still, stubbornness can be either admirable or foolish, and我常常想,为什么人们选择生活在自然灾害多发的地方。(不过,我想我更多地谈论飓风和龙卷风,这是每年的威胁,不像火山。)

There’s clearly something worthwhile (and worth the risk) about living in the shadows of volcanoes, because throughout history people have returned time and time again to the slopes of these irascible mountains, hellbent on bottling the incredible flavor latent in their soils. Take the Olivieros of the Fuocomuorto estate near Mount Vesuvius, for example. Their vines were planted in 1780 atop a lava flow from 1631, abandoned in 1906 after post-eruption mud flows, and then resurrected in 2006.

还看男人和女人已经打了back against Mount Etna, Europe’s most active volcano. In 1669, a priest named Diego Pappalardo led fifty men armed with pick axes and iron bars in an attempt to divert an advancing lava flow. They would have succeeded had it not been for an angry mob from a neighboring village, which would have come into the path of the diverted lava flow, who ran them off with clubs and pitchforks. 1983 saw a failed attempt by local officials and volcanologists to use dynamite to reroute a lava flow. And in 1993 authorities successfully tamed a slow-moving lava flow with a combination of rocks (formed into a dam 66 feet high), dynamite, and 8,000 pound concrete blocks dropped by helicopter.

Volcanoes and Wine肯定会激起你的想象力。它也将风扇您癖。这既是因为它展示了酒流异国情调的地方,并因为有品味的唯一途径就是旅游。你不会找到在Costco的这些葡萄酒。

My recommendation
弗兰克尔的书是精心研究,具有历史,科学,和葡萄酒正确的混合。He did lose me a couple times, wandering off to other topics like coffee growing in Hawaii, but all in all, it’s a fun flyover of volcanic wine, with some really cool history and stories thrown in. Wine-drinking history buffs, this is your book.


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ZD 50Last October, I tasted through a从ZD葡萄酒三人。现在我们回到另一轮与ZD的春/夏季发布。2016 ZD储备霞多丽是我最后一次的大赢家,所以我很好奇,看看是否黑和驾驶室会更加脱颖而出。




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Book CoverI read so many books about wine, but few I’d call “literary.” With葡萄酒读取杰伊·麦金纳尼一直巧妙地从一些最优秀的作品葡萄酒写作,小说和非小说,其中有许多我从来没有听说过的选择带来了一起。


正如你所期望的,麦金纳尼包括像克米特·林奇的经典Adventures on the Wine Route和乔治·泰伯巴黎的判决。这是伟大的重新审视酒文学的这些基本件,但我最喜欢是实行较低的已知,像罗尔德·达尔的乐趣短篇小说“味”,尤其是2015年的一篇文章中出现的The Yale Review由学者和作家伊琳娜·杜米特雷斯库名为“我的父亲和葡萄酒”。

Dumitrescu relates her memories of growing up in a Romanian immigrant family, making wine and so much else from scratch. Interspersed are honest moments capturing her family dynamic, and glimpses of what I want my relationship with my own children to be one day. I like this bit the best: “They will want to suck at the siphon hose and taste whatever you taste. They will laugh and smack their lips and assure you that the wine is very good. When you leave the cellar they will insist on carrying the bottle to the dinner table.”

我崇拜的记者A.J.他认为,贫困Liebling的“就足够的钱,”自己借给食品的一个特殊的升值,从而伟大的食物写作。富人,而另一方面,倾向于放纵和过饱和,因为资金允许。这是“富裕的沉重的障碍。”还有来自作家,诗人五页片,并牛哥Jim Harrison called “Wine.” It’s utterly bizarre, but I devoured it.

对事物的小说方面,有当然是从雷克斯·皮克特的一章Sideways,以及来自迈克尔Dibdin的东西悠长, a novel in the Aurelio Zen crime series.

葡萄酒读取contains twenty-seven selections in all, running the gamut of topics: the Mondavi spat, Nazi-occupied Champagne, and vine sabotage at La Romanée-Conti, to name a few more. It’s a book you can read piecemeal or cover-to-cover; although I prefer the latter, because it allows you to see what great diversity of thought and talent there is in the world of wine writing.

My Recommendation
I’ve ditched myWine Spectatorsubscription. This is the kind of wine writing I want to read, the kind with literary flair.葡萄酒读取是对我们这些谁往往用一只手玻璃和亨利·詹姆斯在对方发现自己。

Book Review: Lucky Country: Confessions of a Vagabond Cellarhand, by Darren Delmore

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幸运的国家封面幸运的国家在达伦Delmore的纪实系列的第二批Confessions of a Vagabond Cellarhand。(我回顾了第一,Slave to the Vine,早在2017年像它的前身。)幸运的国家是一个坦率看cellarhand生活收获期间,充满了无处不在的和极度的享乐主义。然而不知何故,再次Delmore发挥它关闭,但又不过度无偿的,并说明酿酒的混乱之间的并行做伟大的工作和人际关系本身。


The action proceeds linearly from there. Darren arrives at Two Hands, ready to work. He learns the nuances of the cellar there and meets a string of interesting characters. My favorite is Darren’s roommate Timmy, who I came to loathe for his mooching and stingy ways. Desperate to save money, Timmy resorts to eating cereal for every meal (literally), yet has no problem taking more than his portion of the bottles opened by others to share.



就我个人而言,我的妻子和我碰巧通过帕索罗布尔斯上周路过度假,并感谢有点意外发现的,我们能够与达伦见面。他慷慨地提出,让我们通过他的酒四桶,他的第二个商业葡萄酒,每次约100案件味道。他租的空间ONX葡萄酒in Tin City and makes Pinot Noir and cold-climate Syrah under an eponymous label, Delmore. I found both approachable, balanced, and conspicuously unique. I’ve never had a Syrah that smelled so much like a handful of fresh soil, nor a Pinot that fills a glass with so many blueberry-purple hues. He has a mailing list and there’s more info on his网站

My Recommendation

Book Review: Red Wine: The Comprehensive Guide to the 50 Essential Varieties and Styles, by Kevin Zraly, Mike DeSimone, and Jeff Jenssen

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Red WineMy request for a copy of Kevin Zraly’s forthcoming biography was apparently premature, so the publisher sent meRed Wineinstead. I hadn’t heard of it, but after poring through it in five- and ten-page sittings, I see why every wine bibber needs to.

Red Winecovers the basics of the 50 red wines you’re most likely to encounter. Full of beautiful photography and with just the right amount of detail, it might be the most practical coffee table book a wine lover can own.

Arranged alphabetically, each grape gets a two-page spread, with the exception of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and other biggies, which get more. To start, the grape name is listed and spelled phonetically—a tremendous blessing for those of us who can’t quite get the pronunciation right for grapes like Montepulciano (it’sMOHN-朱德池姜查,没有)和圣乔维斯(葬身祚-VAY,比如说)。



我喜欢什么Red Wineis it’s so darn handy. I can see myself using it in a variety of situations: pre-dinner-out research, deciding which wine region to visit next, or even in my own home wine making. A few weeks ago actually, when deciding whether or not to induce malolactic fermentation in batches of Lodi Petite Sirah and Carignane I was fermenting in the basement, I first turned toRed Wine让每个品种的典型酸性的层次感。(我们将看到如何原来虽然!)

Red Winecovers key wine styles and regions too. Read these sections and you’ll never again refer to Rioja or Chianti as a grape, and you’ll better understand what constitutes a Super Tuscan (spoiler: it’s kind of a catch-all).

My Recommendation
有些书我读和传递下去。Red Wine是一个我会继续左右。它可能会发现厨房架子上的家我的食谱和饮料大部头旁边。就像Zraly的Windows on the World, this is a book every serious wine drinker should have on hand, for reference, for inspiration, and for pure visual enjoyment.


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The story begins with Felix in an interrogation room. He’s done something pretty bad; we don’t know what. As his interrogators press him, Felix gives them (and us) the whole story.





“That’s an African tasting note,” says Wikus, “And that’s why Njongo will inherit my estate when I’m gone!”



My Recommendation
Corkscrew有时是我喜欢有点太粗。这就是说,有些时候当我真正笑出声来。我会推荐它为寻找一个易于阅读完整的猥亵和葡萄酒(一拉Sideways, I’d say), particularly those inclined toward “cheeky” British humor.


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2016 ZD Reserve Chardonnay(SRP $77)
It could’ve been the post-Ultimate Frisbee thirst and fatigue, but this bottle stood out as the true winner of the trio. All it took was Jim Croce on the record player and a cool glass of ZD Reserve Chardonnay to sooth our aching bodies. “Apply,” was my wife’s first impression. I smelled lychee, something floral (maybe chamomile), vanilla, and allspice.

The extended yeast contact came through quite clearly, as the wine was nice and creamy and coated my tongue. It left my mouth watering slightly, despite any notable acidity. I tasted spice and—surprisingly but not at all unpleasantly—a hint of salinity. The winemaker did well to forgo MLF, as too much butteriness would surely have marred the harmony of oak, flowers, and spice. Sprawled out on the floor and sweaty, ceiling fan whirring, we agreed it was anexcellentChardonnay.

2015年ZD赤霞珠(SRP $75)


2016 ZD Founder’s Reserve Pinot Noir(SRP $82)
Okay, sometimes I just drink wine alone. It had been an insanely hot week and, of course, my AC unit decided to give up the ghost. With my wife gone and the windows down I popped this beauty in the refrigerator. The evening’s aptly selected movie,密西西比在燃烧, played as I puzzled over what turned out to be quite an enigmatic Pinot.

From the start, nose firmly in glass, it wasn’t giving me much. It just sat there, dense and ruby, mocking my inadequacy. So I let it alone, until it would relent and reveal to me all of its wonderful qualities. I blinked first, of course, and the wine greeted my tongue with a wonderful acidic tingle—just what I needed in the heat—and gave forth odors of overripe strawberries and anise, but little else. At a point, I stopped trying to figure this wine out and just enjoyed it. It was well structured and enjoyable, but didn’t have thefactor I would expect at this price.